Ateneo Law School Online Learning Primer

Even in the midst of this pernicious period in our history, our Ateneo Law School, guided by its legal and professional responsibilities and Ignatian values, commits to its legal education mission ultimately to contribute to society duly qualified “officers of the court” who will responsibly care for the legal rights of their clients, administer justice, and take part in ensuring that the legal system is one that genuinely observes a rule of law under a rule of justice, in the Ateneo Way.

While we are a firm believer in the effectiveness of the traditional and tested face-to-face, Socratic method in the teaching of law to, and development of character in, our future Ateneo lawyers, the pandemic has constrained us to adapt alternative, remote, modes of instruction and formation. That said, we remain fully confident in the competence of our faculty to rise up to the challenges of new modalities in pedagogy and the instilling of values to continue to carry out their tasks at the highest standards of excellence.  Likewise, we have full faith in the ability of our students to adapt without diminution in the industry and discipline demanded by the rigors of an Ateneo education in law.

We are thus pleased to set out herein certain general guidelines that describe underlying principles of our Ateneo Law School’s adoption of online learning modes and usher you through certain fundamental aspects.

We hope that you find the information contained herein instructive.

Jose Maria G. Hofileña

ALS ABC Primer

AteneoBlueCloud will brand not only our virtual campus, but also the vibrant online community of learners and educators that we hope to build. It will be distinguished by the essential markers of Jesuit education, which is designed to transform the whole person into someone imbued with the spirit of magis and cura personalis. This means continuing to educate a person who can think critically, collaboratively, and creatively, and, at the same time, serve and lead with competence and character.

Online or onsite, we shall continue to shape Ateneans who are sharp in mind and large of heart, bearing compassion for others, and drawing inspiration from the love of Christ as mediated by the powerful spirituality of Ignatius Loyola.

—From the 7 May 2020 memo of Fr Jose Ramon T Villarin SJ, President, Ateneo de Manila University